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The St. Thomas More Collegiate Parents Association (STMCPA) plans and supports a number of events during the year. Without the volunteers these event would not be possible.


Every STMC family is encouraged to volunteer and take advantage of the many opportunities for involvement through PA activities. There are many wonderful people to meet and memorable experiences to share. By volunteering and working together at STMC, we accomplish and enjoy so much MORE!

When the opportunity arises, volunteer sign-up info will be noted and in the monthly PA SCOOP Newsletter, our social apps, emails and on this page.


Email for any additional question you may have.


• For parent volunteers coming into possible contact with students and vulnerable adults at STMC.

• Reports generated online will be securely directed to the Director of STMC Business Operations

• Parent volunteers may complete their criminal record checks online in a few simple steps.

• Copy & paste this unique access code: 4A8TK2AJ2T

Volunteers will also need their BC Services Card to be activated first online.

Thank you for helping us ensure the safety and security of everyone in our school community.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO SUBMIT AN ONLINE APPLICATION, please see Mrs. Cirillo in the front office and bring in two pieces of photo ID. She can request to have your CRC emailed directly to the school once you've signed a special consent form.

Once completed, CRCs are good for a period of 5 years.

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